Appearance Is Everything

We must all do our part to keep the community at its best. If you are an owner currently renting your property to someone else, please remind your tenants:

  • Garbage Cans: Place your garbage cans out of view from the streets on non-pickup days. Ensure your garbage cans are closed to keep critters from getting into the trash and making a mess.
  • Lot Maintenance: Please make sure the exterior of your home is looking beautiful. All fences, gates, and garage doors should not be in need of maintenance.
  • Backyards: Backyards on the promenade need to be free of storage which includes boats, trampolines, ladders, etc. We all share the lakeside view. Please do your part as a good neighbor to ensure the beauty of Laguna West.
  • Exterior Wires and Conduit: Do you have wires or conduit on the exterior of your home? If so they need to be fastened securely to the home and painted to match the home.