Protecting Your Investment — Your Wood Fence

fenceYour wood fence is a valuable part of your property. It provides protection for your real estate and accents your landscape. Fencing is a major investment and is typically the most neglected structure on your property. When cared for, your fence will provide you with many years of enjoyment. If left untreated or exposed to the elements of nature, it is sure you will be replacing all or part of it and quite possibly doing some kind of fence repair at some point in the future.

Should You Do That Fence Repair?
Repairing a fence is a cost efficient way to fix those areas that are showing signs of decay, rot or damage. Many times it is not necessary to replace the whole fence structure – which can come with a hefty price tag. And many of the repairs that you encounter will be fairly simple. How do you determine if your fence is a candidate for a simple repair? Making the decision to repair or replace can be the easiest part of the project.

Fence Staining: If you have recently installed a wood fence, have made some repairs on your existing fence, or winter has left the fence stain in poor condition you need to protect it. Untreated wood left exposed to the elements places it in danger. Insects and moisture are the most common causes of wooden fencing damage. The Laguna West Design Guidelines require that fences be stained with a semi-transparent stain comparable to Olympic #901 Grey or another neutral color compatible with the home and [with the approval] of the Association.