Be Water Smart

Water is a critical part of California’s way of life. Our economy, our environment and our day-to-day lifestyle need water to flourish. But our water is limited —especially during this historic drought. The lack of rain and snow this winter means we have to stretch the water that we do have. The good news…it’s easy […]

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Inspect The Exterior Of Your Home

Please take a look at your house, including the trim and accents. Do you need to do power washing? Is your paint fading or in need of touch ups? Please also check your fencing. Are there any missing or loose boards? Is the fence stain fading/weathered? Please make sure that you keep up the exterior […]

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Q&A: Water Conservation and Drought Tolerant Landscaping

Q. Are there some easy things I can do to save water in a landscape? A. Check sprinkler irrigation systems regularly for physical and operational problems that reduce the sprinkler system’s efficiency. Correcting these problems can improve the uniformity of water application, reduce water waste by 10% or more, and greatly improve the health of […]

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